Tuesday, 1 September 2015

31/08/15 Updates!

Lots more updates this week. Firstly, With the help from +Risu chuu we made some new sprites for the game, including, for the first time, a real enemy!

This bird will patrol the skies above the stage, swooping down to grab you if it sees you.
There is also a red version which is faster, so watch out for him!

It took me forever to figure out how to change the animations from left to right as it flew through the sky, so I will share this code block here for people to use... Bear in mind that all the animations should be under the same actor, not as separate actors.

As well as the enemies, she also created some new objects and items too! First up is the claw, which lifts you up when you roll into the claw it will lift you up. There are so far three different versions of it at different heights.

As of yet I haven't figured out how to get it to recognize you have walked into the right part of it yet. Maybe in next weeks update I will have!

As well as this there are also now baby donuts to find throughout the stages. Two have been made so far. I plan to have five different ones hidden around the levels. (Think Jinjo's from Banjo Kazooie!)

Now for some technical changes I've made to the gameplay. First of all, the Jump has been added back in, maybe as a permanent addition, maybe not... I'll see how the game plays once I've created some actual levels, rather than small test areas.

The speed of the player has been slowed down, and I instead added a Dash button to make it go at the speed it went before, this will help with some of the platforming elements in the levels, as well as let people who want to run through the level as fast as they can!

Finally, the background has now been implemented making the levels look so much better than before! I'll see if I can make some parallax scrolling next but that might be a bit tricky!

Finally, a gameplay video showing all this new stuff in action!

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