Tuesday, 25 August 2015

25-08-15 Update!

Lots more updates today! Progress is going good, My amazing GF made some sprites for me, so I've added those to the game and they look fantastic! Here's some of the animation sets

In terms of gameplay, I added a placeholder object which kills the player and restarts the level. I tried making an object you can use to attack the enemy but this isn't fully working yet.

A first draft of the title screen as well!

Monday, 24 August 2015

24/08/15 Updates!

Mainly tried to get the score working today. I did so yay! Although it doesn't actually do anything yet... At least it adds up how many points you have and carries over to the next level.

I've also managed to figure out how to make the speed boost item work in both directions by using the players X speed and adding to it instead of setting the x-direction which is what I was doing before. It works much better now! 

Also added some test background music to the level select screen and to a few of the test levels. I'm using Anamanaguchi music for now but of course that can't stay because of some silly copyright law or something.....

Yeah its still pretty buggy and the levels are just randomly thrown together for the purposes of testing but at least its playable!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

First screens!

First screenshots of Super Donuts - Its early days but its already pretty fun to play!

Super Donuts

For iPhone / iPad / Flash / HTML5

Platformer game starring a "super donut"

The donut is controlled with the touchscreen, moving left and right, also up and down when it can stick to walls.

collect powerups to navigate the levels and find the goal portal.

short stages with increasingly complex or tricky levels to navigate

Play with phone / iPad in portrait orientation - screen sizes for 5/6/6Plus/iPad Air 1/2
Use tilt controls for phone or swipe left / right? (don't like on screen buttons!)

Also can play on PC with keyboard or gamepad

enemies try to eat the donut.

complete levels faster to carry time over to the next stage - time attack mode?

colourful 8-bit graphics - pixels only. fun backgrounds with stars and sprinkles!!

release game for free online on my website?
Demo version for free on iOS and maybe Android store but got to find an android device first...

Play as a donut

powerups include Jam, Sprinkles, Glaze and more!

Levels are like a maze use the powerups to navigate and find the warp goal!

Hidden exits which are hard to get to are hidden in each level

time limit which carried onto the next stage


Story Mode:

Training Level - Set in a kitchen, sprinkles made the donut come
to life, escape the cook's giant hand and enter a portal at the
end of the stage which send you off to Donut Land

Map - Simmilar to Mario World Map.

Each area will have 3 levels and a boss level.

Powerups in certain levels to give extra abilities such as jump /
dash / roll up walls etc.

Level 1 - Green Hill Zone style level - fast and easy to get used
to controls, no powerups. Bright graphics, easy enemies. Each level will introduce one new element and use one or more from the previous level. The boss level will use all new elements from that world in a more challenging stage and a boss fight at the end.

Score Attack Mode:

Modified versions of standard levels.
Timer count down, finish level with more time left = more points
Speed run mode: Finish as many levels as you can in time limit,
get extra 15 seconds for each stage completed
(similar to marble madness)
Link to Game Centre on iOS for competition. High score list? Watch replays?
Collectibles to boost score
Hitting certain objects will lower score / send you back to start of the level
Certain areas in later levels change gravity / colour of area.

Sound Effects