Tuesday, 29 September 2015

29/09/15 Update

Just a quick update. I haven't been working much on the game for a while but I do have a few updates to share on here.

First is the fact that I finally managed to get it to change power ups within the level when you roll over a certain object. I made a placeholder present box to roll into and this triggers the next power up. So for example, in this level you start out as a standard donut with no powers, but once you roll into the present box you can then jump! yay!

There's also another power up - or power down? that tuns you into a sticky donut for a certain time. I plan to make levels where you have to use the sticky power to climb up walls but I couldn't figure that out yet, so at the moment it just slows you down. at least I figured out how to get it to change the sprite! that's a start!

There is a lot to fix, and the frame rate seems to be going quite slowly at times. Maybe there's too much colliding? also the collision messes up when you pick up a sweet after you collect a power up, as you can see in the video below, you begin to float up after you touch it... hmmm...

I've also made the enemies a bit more dangerous as they now throw things at you!

I've also started on the layouts of a few more levels but really that should wait until all the basic gameplay elements have been created and the physics have been finalized. its the worst thing ever to make a level then make a change to how the player controls, only to find that the entire level is now unplayable thanks to a jump that is slightly too big now! >.<

Now for a video showing all those new features in action!

Ok that was actually quite a big update in the end!

Thanks for reading, hope to post more soon :)

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