Sunday, 6 March 2016

Bad News!

Wondering why I haven't been making updates recently? Well... The engine I am using decided to get a bug and now I am stuck with my game in an unusable state. Every time I try to do anything it just continually tries to save, stopping me from doing anything. I tried exporting the game and even running it on a different PC but it was no use, even people on the official forums didn't know what i could do. So I decided the only thing to do was to start again... I took screen shots of the most complicated stuff i've done so far so that I could re-create it again and I've almost got back tot he state the game was in again. apart from the levels. I still have to either re-create them or start again from scratch... well anyway, it's almost back on track now and going smoothly again. Next step is to figure out how to get the birds to attack properly...

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