Wednesday, 16 March 2016

17/03/16 updates

Polished some features including health and respawn. Now the lives get reset and the donut explodes when you die.

Added colour change and vibration when hit by an enemy.

High scores screen added

New level made using fan switch

Changing multi-colour sweets to secrets which will be in hard to reach locations. Collect them all in a word to unlock a secret level and achievement.

Snow tile set created and snowflakes background test created.

Buttons now change colour when pressed.

Game centre integration - look into separate score screens per level or world?

Score attack levels = copies of normal levels minus the babies. Race to the finish and get as many points as possible! If you die its game over and score gets added to scoreboard.

To do / fix

Change colour when hit by enemy - happens too soon - slows game down. Use bool to stop after first hit?

Sometimes buttons are pressed and nothing happens?

How to stop left and right buttons working immediately when the level has started? bool to say after 1 second create arrows. remove all stick to screen replace with camera stick options.

Make jumping Apple enemy.

Make monkey riding bird enemy

Make mushrooms for forest level - red green and purple - each one bounces different heights.

Make better looking spikes!

Make final world - space levels. Low gravity and a flying stage at the end. - lasers that come down and across the level. have to move past when they are turned off.
Cut scenes between levels.
level checkpoints half way through.
make bool for special sweet per level if sweet collected = true destroy sweet so it doesnt appear again else the score will be wrong.
If all 6 worlds are completed then unlock a bonus world which mixes every level element into one!

Congratulations message for completing the whole game and a tweet button to show your congratulations message!

Add music and SFX when Mike uploads them.

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