Thursday, 15 October 2015

15-10-15 Updates

So, the biggest news this update is... I got an iMac! Going from a tiny 720p screen to an amazing 5K display has made such an incredible difference and the Fusion drive has made everything so fast and smooth its amazing...

Look at how much screen space I have now!

I've been trying to get it to work on iOS so I can test it on an actual device but i've ran into all sorts of problems, I think i'll need to do a lot more research into how the developer certificates work and how the apple dev program works with Xcode and Stencyl... It's all so confusing! the closest i've got so far is getting it to play in an iOS simulator. Although you can't move or anything as I haven't figured out how to implement a virtual joystick or any kind of touch screen controls yet... I've got the weekend free so hopefully i'll make some progress on that front soon!

Heres a shot of the iOS simulator showing the resolution the game will be on an iPhone 6 (although it's scalable to any screen size)

As for whats changed... not a whole lot, I made some changes to the test area to make it a bit easier to play through and have been experimenting with some new graphic styles for the times used int he levels. Apart from that most of what i've been doing this week is just gathering more ideas on paper and thinking how I can simplify the game as I'm a bit worried i'm over complicating it.

Expect a bigger update on Sunday.

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