Tuesday, 6 October 2015

06/10/15 Updates

Two big gameplay changes this time.

Firstly, The sticky donut now has a purpose! I have managed to make it so when you become a sticky donut you can climb walls which are covered in icing. I did this by changing the gravity then changing it back when you stop touching the wall or hit a certain invisible block (used to make sure the gravity changes back just in case it didn't work!

The second gameplay enhancement is a spring! Used in the levels where you wont get the jumping power up, the spring will propel you (and enemies!) upwards into the air. Useful for reaching platforms!

I've probably been getting a bit ahead of myself here and should probably focus on getting the game working first but I've been looking into music trackers to create some midi music for the game (I used to really enjoy making music back in the eJay days!) so I've been messing around a bit with them but nothing too serious yet.

I really need to spend some time getting the basics such as collectibles and level select working properly so that's probably what i'll focus on next... This bit seems like its never ending! >.<

Also finally, as the game is getting to be more playable, I've been looking into getting a Mac so I can actually test it on the iPhone and iPad which is where I want to see the game end up! as well as a version somewhere online too for all you non Apple folks! I won't be porting to android though as I don't have anything to test it on nor do I know anyone that's got android any more! So unless you want to donate me an old android phone or tablet its not happening! :P

Also I'd love to see it one day on a Nintendo platform, which actually doesn't seem like an impossible dream any more thanks to the Nintendo Web Framework, but still its expensive... Apparently.

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