Monday, 1 August 2016



  • Fix power up.
  • Add pause button.
  • Stop enemy causing damage when hit from above.
  • Fix scores coming off some sweets but not all
  • Make New Game / Continue buttons (New game = delete all data and start from beginning.
    Continue - carry on from last save.)
  • Level intro screens / score cards when moving over level
  • Re-add sideways fans and sticky donut power up / climb up wall ability. (see V2 for code)
  • Add how to play screens with info on controls and goal.
  • Add level complete jingle
  • Add space bots cameo in final EX stage?
  • Construction zone level with rubble and cranes
  • other powerups -
  • blue = always bouncy
  • green - slow and heavy
  • orange - super speed
  • red - giant / no damage / destroy walls
  • Bomb to push around and blow up enemies / walls. - Timer for bomb starts when it is touched. - make it lighter than player and bouncy.
  • Percentage complete on title screen / high scores screen.
  • game centre achievements and high score submitting
  • twitter button to send high score or screenshot with #SuperDonuts hashtag
  • Demo game with 3 levels on store for free. On title screen or at end of third level give users the option to buy the full game for £1.99. Play trailer at end of third level showing off content from full game. (Upload to YouTube and make the game open the link inside stencyl??)
  • Re-Create the original levels from V2
  • Rotation for player after reaching a certain speed? Turn?
  • Crockajaw attack in both directions?
  • New health bar / replace donut sprite with eaten one after getting hit?
  • Invisible blocks to track enemy movement?
  • Suction pipes
  • Ice / slippery floor
  • Sugar mc donut – bounce on a candy cane
  • Keys for certain doors
  • Doors to different parts of the level
  • Boss fights
  • Zoom out screen for boss fight?
  • Physics puzzled. Move blocks onto fans to make bridge?
  • Space background with parallax stars
  • Bubbles to bounce off which pop after a short time
  • Pause menu

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