Monday, 2 November 2015

02-11-15 Updates!

Loads of updates this time! The game is finally coming together now. I'll start with what I've changed / improved with the gameplay. I've been writing a lot of quick design docs on random paper and sticky notes...

First, the screen orientation is now landscape instead of portrait meaning you can see a lot more of what is going on and just makes it easier to play in general. Some changes need to be made to the background to make them fit the new screen resolution as you can see from the image below.

Next, The general controls have been simplified, now I'm back to just the left and right buttons and relying on the level design to make the game fun and interesting.

So... how did I make the levels more fun and interesting? By making some stage objects which will help you manoeuvre the stage. First up is a fan, this will blow air out and as you pass over you will move up, then hover at the top of the air stream. Perfect for crossing gaps or getting to higher places without a jump button!

Next is a spring, I already had a prototype in the levels but this one behaves a bit differently, Firstly it's had a new lick of paint thanks to my super talented gf! (she has done all the amazing sprite art and backgrounds!) Now the spring reacts the same no matter what direction or how fast you approached it. It took a lot of tweaking but I think i'm happy with how high it bounces the player now.

The speed up is being replaced with... Choco balls! depending on how many of these are laying on the ground, the faster you'll dash ahead, scattering the balls into the air as you run over them.

Theres also a nice new version of the present box, possible to be used in a christmas themed level later on in the game. It looks fantastic so I'll have to find a use for it somewhere.

Also a new WIP title screen, complete with moving donuts. There will be two more menu options in the finished product, but you'll have to wait and see what those are.

I've added all these new changes to a new test level which is fully playable and completable on the iPhone! (Screenshots below taken direct from the phone.)

The black box in the top text won't go until I've bought the developers licence for Stencyl which I don't need until its ready to publish sometime next year. Also ignore the "Level Select" words, they were just there for testing so I could just press them and return to the level select rather than closing the game each time. Also the words Score and Babies to find / Donuts Collected will be moved and changed as it progresses. 

Below is a full view of another text level. Still not got any real levels yet.

I've got loads of ideas of what to do next but thats for another post, this one was just to show all the progress. Thanks for reading.

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